About Shipping

Shipping Policy

Local Delivery

If you are within 30 miles of us and want local delivery, you must contact us first. We have a schedule delivery route and need to make sure we can put you on the schedule before you order.

There is a minimum order of either 50 or 100 blocks of ice, depending on how far away you are. There is a $15 delivery fee, in addition to the cost of the ice


We have a new store! If you prefer to pickup your order, please drop by during business hours. You can place your order online, but if you pay when you pick up there is a slight discount.

UPS Ground Shipping

This is the only option we offer for shipping out of the area. Our standard box hold 4 Gallon jugs, 6 half-gallon jugs, or 12 quart jugs. Therefore if your order exceeds what can fit in a standard box, the price for shipping may jump up dramatically. For example, the jump in cost from shipping 4 gallon jugs to 5 gallon jugs is quite a bit, where as the jump from shipping 3 gallons to 4 gallons is relatively minor. Keep this in mind when you are ordering and you can keep shipping costs to a minimum.

Let us know if you have any questions

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