About Us

For over thirty years, Ragg’s Supply has been providing shaved ice and snow cone vendors in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with the supplies they need to operate. We offer popular brands of syrups in hundreds of flavors. In addition to the most well-known brands, we have our own line of syrup, too, Ragg’s Southwest select.

We make genuine solid block ice that produces the softest texture for shavings that are truly snow-like. We also carry work supplies, serving supplies, and whatever other equipment needed in order to run a successful business.

Melanie took over Ragg’s several years ago. Before that, she operated her own shaved ice trailer for a number of years along with her son. With that experience, she has firsthand knowledge of what it takes to run a thriving shaved ice business. She is now committed to offering the supplies and support needed by the countless small business owners in this industry.

Ragg’s Supply ships orders to vendors all over the country, and we offer local delivery to the greater DFW area. Many vendors also choose to pickup order directly from our warehouse. Whatever your needs, we’re here for you.

We pride ourselves on competitive prices and top quality service. You can check our reviews on Google and also on Facebook.

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