Block Ice


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12 lb. piece of solid block ice. Local Delivery or Pickup ONLY.

This is genuine solid block ice, not compressed block ice. This is the stuff you want to use for your block ice shaver. It’s made with a commercial block ice maker. A mold is filled with water, which then freezes into a solid block.

Compressed block ice is quite different. It’s usually made from compressing ice cubes, or sometimes chunks of ice, into a mold. Water is added to fill in the gaps. This makes a block that is not consistent. The irregularities will not give the best results.

Solid block ice that is properly tempered will produce the softest texture you can imagine, just like actual snow. There are many quality block ice shavers on the market, but we like the Southern Snow machine.

Our top quality ice is used by countless snow cone and shaved ice stands and trailers all around North Texas. We only deliver locally, but some clients drive a long distance just to pickup block ice for their business.

If you’ve been using a cube ice shaver, do yourself a favor and try out shaved ice from a block ice shaver and taste the difference for yourself.

If you operate a shaved ice or snow cone stand or trailer in the Dallas Fort Worth area, give us a try.