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Flavored Syrup, Block Ice, & Sno-Cone Supplies

We Carry Your Favorite Brands in HUNDREDS of Flavors

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It’s Sno-Cone Season!

Ragg’s Supply is the leading provider of sno-cone supplies for businesses all over the country. For almost 30 years we have consistently delivered the widest selection of flavors and brands, at the lowest prices, with the best service. If you run a business that uses flavored syrup, we can supply your needs.

Visit our store if you’re in the area. Best to order in advance online, even if you want to pickup in person; we get pretty busy sometimes. We’re a wholesale supplier for businesses. But if you’re an individual just wanting to make shaved ice for your family, we welcome you, too!

Ragg’s has our own brand syrup, as well as those from Southern Snow, Parasol, Drafft and others, in hundreds of flavors, from the most popular (such as Cherry and Pina Colada), to the more exotic (like Tamarind or Lychee). You won’t find a larger selection in one place. Choose flavor concentrates or, if you prefer, RTU (ready-to-use). We also carry all the basic supplies you’ll need to keep your business running. If you don’t see what you need, contact us because we can probably get it.

We supply block ice for local businesses. Our block ice is genuine solid block ice, which is needed for your block ice shaver (learn more about block ice ). We offer local delivery service for ice, syrup and supplies if your business is in the greater DFW area, just contact us for details.

About that name, sno-cone. Yes, we realize there are many different names, and several slightly different products, made of ice and flavored syrup. The sno-cone, also spelled snow cone, is perhaps the most widespread. It’s made of crushed ice, which is fairly coarse and crunchy. The snowball, popular in Baltimore and New Orleans, features ice that is shaved, creating a smoother, more finely textured product. Shaved ice, also known as Hawaiian shave ice (without the “d”) is yet another variation popular in, you guessed it, Hawaii.

Each region of the country, and even each individual has their preference. But the building blocks are the same, ice and flavored syrup. We supply both. Well, we only supply ice to local vendors, for obvious reasons. But we have trucks and stands from all over the country purchasing our products, a testament to our wide selection, low prices, and great service.

Why Ragg's?

Widest Selection

Lowest Prices

Best Service

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Happy customers

"Ragg's Supply is the best! My snow cone stand does good business in the summer, and thanks to Ragg's I always have what I need at reasonable prices"

John L

"I love how I can order almost ANY flavor and brand, Ragg's seems to have everything. It's easy to keep my business running smoothly with their help. Thanks!"

Jenna H